Artist + Pattern Designer


Storytelling through color.

Finding delight & wonder.

Connecting with those who can crack themselves up.


Marissa Huber

I'm a painter, pattern designer, writer, mother, creative instigator, and human being trying my best to be a good person with a healthy does of mischief. 

My greatest joy in life is connecting with other kindred spirits over an experience, a funny story, or shared dreams and feeling positively lit up. 

I returned to art later in life after thinking I wasn't good enough to be an artist. Losing my brother in 2005 and becoming a mother in 2013 made me realize life was short, and I damn well better enjoy the time I have here and spend more time doing what I love and tackling my own big dreams.

By day I use my interior design background and problem solving skills in my role as an Occupancy Planner. In layman's terms, I play Tetris with square footage and am a friendly hostage negotiator with office space. 

My passion projects are working on my own art, learning how to make better digital patterns, and thinking up creative antics for the Carve Out Time for Art community. 

I live in South Florida with my artist husband Mike East, the world's most hysterical and talented Lego Master-builder, Henry, and the smiliest baby girl, Sloane.

IMG_7987 (1).jpg

Artist Statement

I like to take the mundane and turn it into a moment of delight and connect the viewer to an experience or something noticed that made me pause. It may be a subtle abstract painting with an inspired palette, or an overtly rendered pattern of a new plant I'm obsessed with that's blooming in South Florida where I live.

I make work to create meaning in my own life, and it's a cycle of questioning our world and existence and attempting to find the fleeting beauty. I enjoy the feeling of peace and possibility when I experience flow while making something. It is also my attempt to contribute towards the community of humans leaving small marks reflecting our being.






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