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Painting Loose & Half-Dead Succulents

I painted these little succulents about a month ago. It was quick, fast, and loose, and it's one of my favorite things I've made this year. I painted it because I wanted to remember my 1st Mother's Day Succulents I bought for myself (from Henry, of course), before they dry up and die. I should probably re-pot them instead of paint them. Maybe this weekend if I get around to it. Marissa-Huber-Succulent-1 I have to give credit to my friend Marissa L. Swinghammer for telling me how to use the dirty leftover bits of your watercolor palette to get wonderful neutrals. She's also taking Yao Cheng's Creativebug class, and I'm so impressed by what she is making. I would love to take Yao's class someday when time allows. Not now though.

I made a couple more of these this past weekend. What a fun way to play, limit your colors, and be loose. I am really into neutrals these days and think it's influenced by all the Minimalist interior spaces I'm coveting on my Pinterest boards. I'm going to take photos and add prints  & originals to my shops soon. I think people will like these.

Marissa-Huber-Succulent-2I don't like hot press watercolor paper as much as others do. I prefer the cold press and rough press, since they soak up the paint better. I bet I would love the plate finish of hot press for gouache though, so will have to try that soon. But not now (is there a pattern here or what?)

Marissa-Huber-Succulent-3There are so many things I want to do, but I gently remind myself that I cannot do everything, especially if I want to focus on specific things, like painting and growing my art side business (after my day job and family priorities of course). I've been thinking about this topic often, especially as I read these amazing interviews from the Carve Out Time for Art series. I will interview myself soon! But not yet.