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Hot Pink Fixation + Schnabel Inspiration

Hot pink makes my heart skip a beat. It's one of those colors that makes me immediately like whatever object, furniture or piece of art it's on. After reading Shannon Leith's post on color today, I see I'm not the only one. Well, us, most people in the 80s and definitely Julian and Olatz Schnabel. I came across Olatz Schnabel's bedroom in last September's House Beautiful. The room, the custom headboard, the sheets she designs and unique color sense were all inspiring, but even more so was her vintage hot pink rug.

Olatz Schnabel Bedroom via House Beautiful September 2010

The Schnabel's rug and this brilliant pink one from Living Etc. magazine below are the two rugs I measure all vintage dream rugs by.

Living Etc. January 2010 House of the Month

The closest I will get to my dream rug for now is owning it in my sketchbook. That suits me for now!

Pink Vintage Rugs

I prefer vibrant hot pink, geometric shapes with diamonds and triangles.

Pink Vintage Rugs

Sometimes I like the look of many threadbare vintage rugs layered upon each other in a bohemian style. It's not something I could live with all the time, but I love the look.

Pink Vintage Rugs

I'll leave you with one more amazing shot of hot pink goodness. This is the Schnabel's highrise in New York City, which I need to see in person next time I'm up there! Apparently it's between two Richard Meier skyscrapers, and I'm sure many of the homeowners are not happy. I feel their pain, but I can't help but grin from ear to ear when I see this image. I think the blue ladder really adds something too.  (Note to self: future color study, hot pink and blue violet).

Hot Pink Schnabel Highrise via The Villager. Photo Credit: Toni Dalton

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