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Fall is Definitely Here

Growing up in Florida, I never gave the seasons too much thought. It was hot, hotter, dry or rainy. My little brother and I would get so excited for those few days each year that necessitated wearing a sweater, and would spend entire days outside in heaven. We asked my Grandpa to mail us snow and were incredulous that he couldn't do it since it would melt. We really didn't understand why he couldn't try to mail it just once. I always wanted to live where I could experience the seasons, or Southern California and surf.

After 15 years of living up North, I've definitely adjusted and really enjoy the changes in season. Those miserable months of winter are worth it when you feel giddy from the first traces of crisp air and cloudless blue sky.


Fall is watching the leaves start to change even though you start missing the sun. It can be carving pumpkins with friends drinking freshly pressed cider.  It is trick or treating with even younger friends if you're lucky like me and can crash with a 10 month old bunny and an 18 month old monkey.

For me, it's that urge to clean out my closet, pull out the sweaters and organize. It's a craving for S'mores and pumpkin flavored baked goods, beer and coffee drinks. I start wanting to wear and even paint with different colors.


Fall arrives with the changes in food at the Farmer's Market and a new favorite, delicata squash. It's the return of honeycrisp apples and rainbow chard!

Farmers Market October

My palette starts to change and I want to drink warm drinks and make and eat hearty soups. I actually want to cook these pretty French lentils instead of look at them in their jar.


Most notably, it's the return of strong desire to knit cozy wool garments!


Where do you live and what does Fall mean to you?

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