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Imaginary Blue Violet Library

Blue violet has caught my eye my whole life. In Pantone colors, it's called Ultra Violet.  I first fell for blue-violet, the prettiest crayon in the box of 64 colors. I loved it on my Sam+Libby ballet flats with the lace up ankle ribbons in seventh grade. Blue violet colored my beloved blueberry pancakes for dinner in college with whipped cream on top. My favorite irises while helping my friend garden are in that hue. It's the color of my ombre Ray Ban sunglasses, a metallic liquid eye liner, the beautiful Le Crueset oval dutch oven from Aunt Sissy, and the nail polish I have on this instant.  Either way, I'm smitten.

Blue Violet So smitten was I, that I sketched an imaginary library for myself. If you're a reader like me, there is nothing cozier than a comfortable chair, good light, a place for a hot drink, and a cave like space for falling into a great story.

The library I designed has super glossy violet walls and ceilings. Thankfully with my unlimited imagined funds, for this type of high gloss, I was able to have it plastered, sanded and finished perfectly by a professional since the high gloss shows every imperfection (just like satin for clothes). Since the ceiling is the same color as the walls, I could even it out with some elaborate molding. I like how the edgy color in a slick finish complement the ornate old school architectural details. Simple plus crazy and a pop of color make me happy.

Blue Violet Imaginary Living Room

My fireplace provides visual and thermal warmth, and fulfills my dream to someday have one. A fun but slightly fancy chandelier and the fireplace cast and reflect glints of light across the room like fireflies. I'd choose to keep the mantel of the fireplace light in color (perhaps an alabaster mantel and hearth) for balance with the darkness everywhere else.

Blue Violet Library

I would display objects that I love like groupings of prints and paintings, and books that I actually read and enjoy. None of those fake collections of books for my library! I love looking at other people's bookshelves when I go into their home, as it's a glimpse into their personality. That's why I love seeing myJK Rowling next to Haruki Murakami, it kind of sums up my varieties in taste.

When it comes to art, knitting, cooking and crafting books, I tend to pull a few at once that I want to look at, and pile them on a table to peruse later. I'm sure I'd fill up the end table or benches (not drawn!) with books that I want to look at all at once. Then I'd have a massive cleanup every few weeks so as not to drive myself crazy. I think I'll put a knitting basked with a couple of projects in here too, though Mike is not a fan of baskets (too bad for him!).

Blue Violet Library Corner

A must have in a library are cozy chairs, down throw pillows, something made of leather so soft you can't stop touching it and an ottoman to put your feet up. There should be lamps and side tables, and an eclectic collection of wool or cashmere blankets in this room. While we're at it, how about a black pug and a black french bulldog for my companions, and a record player too. There should be a classy bar cart and some fancy spirits to go with this room too. In this fantasy, I'm the type of lady who drinks cognac and 40 year old whiskey or something like that. Perhaps this space could double as an after dinner hang out spot following a dinner party with friends?

Blue Violet Library

Lastly, I'd have to have ebony or dark black-brown herringbone floors. They are strongly featured in 97 per cent of my design dreams.

I always dream of Herringbone floors

For now, I'm going to keep looking at my OPI Roadhouse Blues nail polish and keep daydreaming!