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The Long Haul is Over

The events have been planned, the trips are done, my to-do list has been trashed. As you can see, my self induced stress levels have reached an all time low! Summer is here in Philadelphia, disregarding the flannel needed for the work picnic last week. 20120518-173204.jpg

My twice weekly Spanish classes ended, which I'll miss greatly. However, I'm looking forward to practicing a lot, in order to improve my conversational fluency, reading and listening skills. I ordered some Spanish workbooks, and will watch a lot of Javier Bardem and Gael Garcia Bernal movies for pure educational purposes!

I was able to visit Ohio and Indiana for an impromptu trip to see my brother-in-law defend his thesis on Jazz in the 1910s and 1020s in relation to migration and social activism. Pretty fascinating and I was so very proud of him. This trip coincided with one of my best friend's birthdays, so it was a reunion of all types!

Besides work, my committee, and the upcoming fiasco of having to either rent a U-haul or walk Mike's eight feet by six feet painting 0.8 miles home from a show, I feel like I'm on vacation!


So what's on the list for this summer? I'm thinking ice cream. I'm thinking kayaking. Finally walking over the Ben Franklin Bridge. Painting. Helping my dad with his new blogging endeavor! Street festivals with friends. Holding new babies belonging to my friends. Fancy cocktails with elderflower liquor. Farmers marketeering. A return to Quizzo. And lots of bike riding!

What about you? Summer activities I need to add to my list?

P.S. I got to cross off #23 Participate in some type of race, triathlon, soapbox derby, or Tough Mudder once. Participated in the 4 mile Out and Back Party Run April 2012!