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Killer Plants

Until I can have an outdoor space for a small garden, my window herb garden is making me happy. This past April, I attended a free window box session at City Planter with Olivia. If you're in the market for a wide variety of window boxes, definitely check them out. Since I rent, I didn't want to invest in anything permanent, so instead purchased a Wooly Pocket. It can be hung inside or outside, and I secured it to a railing with zip ties. It couldn't be easier. For once, my basil is thriving! I'm usually so talented at killing herbs.

My Window Box is Blooming!

I also planted a few bulbs that I treated myself to at the Philadelphia Flower Show this year. The "beanstalk" is growing at an alarming rate. As in, 6 inches if you turn your head. 12 inches overnight. Every morning I take a peek, and it's even bigger now!

Jack and the Beanstalk

It may turn evil and kill me. Or I may be able to climb it to escape giants. I'm hoping for an option three, that it will turn into one of the pretty blooms as shown below at the flower show!

What my beanstalks will  hopefully look like!!!

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