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Ice Cream Friday

During one particularly uncertain summer at work, I made membership cards for an Ice Cream Social Club to lighten things up. Anyone could join the club, as long as you vowed to eat one type of frozen treat each Friday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We called it Ice Cream Friday: A Summer Social Event for all 50 States. A super obvious moniker combined with a ridiculously long and slightly Southern inspired tagline. Ice Cream Friday!

Without further ado, I invite you all to partake in as much ice cream or any other frozen treat this summer. Unfortunately, the membership cards are long gone (and they were laminated too!), but I drew up the instructions below.

icf 002

Rules: Eat something cold once per week, preferably on Friday. That's it. Anything counts!

Ice Cream

This year's inaugural cone was a decadent peach scoop in a sugar cone at Philly's Franklin Fountain. It was so delicious, I urged a few people in line to follow my lead on that selection.

Peach Ice Cream

Maybe I'll even try out my ice cream attachment to my stand mixer this year. I'll add that to my summer to-do list.