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2012 into 2013


For a Florida kid who spent her youth wishing for white Christmases, I definitely got my share this year while spending the holidays with Mike's family in Southern Indiana.Indiana-Highway-37-SnowWe stayed cozy inside at my in-laws home playing poker, canasta, Cards Against Humanity, watching movies, eating ice cream sundaes (my idea!) and hanging out.

Marissa-Huber-Playing-PokerThis year we each wrote a handwritten poem for our sibling & in-law gift swap. You could write about anything, and the poetry reading was hilarious! It has been added to the annual repertoire.

I wrote about the shenanigans that occurred on Christmas Eve night including too much tequila for certain family members and a kitchen plumbing incident resulting in calling Mr. Roto-Rooter at 3AM. This pregnant sober lady caught it all. Though I couldn't enjoy the cocktails, I did dance enough for myself and the baby. The belly just enhanced my moves!

East-Family-Christmas-TraditionsHere's a semi-cheesy shot of Mike and me on Christmas Eve before the annual party and resulting craziness.

Requisite-Cheesy-Pregnant-PoseMike's best friends are already spoiling the future baby boy. We received plenty of Indiana University baby clothes, 2 pairs of amazing shoes, and one heavy metal onesie. We couldn't be more pleased!

Motorhead-Onesie-Supra-Baby-ShoesNew Years Eve was spent in Bloomington at the Atlas Bar where Mike's best friend was bar-tending. It was a treat to spend this time with our loved ones and run into some familiar faces unexpectedly!

It's always hard to see everyone you want to, but this time we really got to squeeze everyone in. Tracy and Rob came down from Indy for brunch, Mike and I got to visit our former bosses Jane and Werner (and Matisse and Cassatt, the retired art store kitties), and I had a mini-reunion with 3 of my interior design girls.  We even got in a 15 minute visit with my best friend, Heather, who was driving through from Illinois to Maryland!

Bloomington-Atlas-Bar-New-Years-EveBefore we knew it, it was time to return back to Philly. The drive home was thankfully uneventful and quick (for 700 miles). I was feeling comfortable and fine, and even felt like driving my 1/2 of the trip, though Mike is sweet and would have driven it all if needed.

Though I had a wonderful time, I did not dread returning to work and my routine this year. With less than a month before the baby comes, there is so much I want to get done at work and at home. Let the nesting commence!

Driving-Home-PA-TurnpikeHappy New Year, my friends!