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Drawing Houses in Philly, New Jersey + Cincinnat


It seems like the trees in my neighborhood were just shaking their pink pom-poms announcing spring, but we're already in the middle of summer thunderstorms.  It must have taken that long to start adjusting to the new rhythm of my life. Philadelphia-Fairmount-Pink-Flowers-Blooming

Our schedule is getting easier, or we're adapting and becoming more efficient baby wranglers. We're learning to pick and choose some nights. The kitchen remains clean, but we've left clean laundry unfolded in favor of more time with Henry, dinner out with friends and a whole book read last week. I thought about doing it tonight, but decided to check in here instead.  Every day is a choice when it comes to time, but I'm trying not to sweat it or spread myself too thin.

I'm feeling very grateful to have the need to carve out time to finish some house illustrations, and create floral garlands for photographer Anna Peterson's new logo.

Illustration-Marissa-Huber-Logo-Design-Anna-Peterson-PhotographyThis row home drawing was one of my favorites to do, mainly because it was for my friend who is a total sweetheart, and also because I loved painting the little flower boxes. I was especially happy to finally finish this, since it was part of a long overdue wedding gift I'd been meaning to send, but some baby got in the way. I told myself I technically have a year according to Emily Post, but I felt really guilty not finishing yet when she threw me a Book Club Baby Shower and cooked me a delicious chicken pot pie and Smores bars shortly after Henry was born!

Illustration-Watercolor-House-Portrait-Row-Homes-PhiladelphiaThis sweet portrait was a commission (and surprise gift) for the parents my friend, Rachel Grace of Raenovate. They were moving to be closer to her and her growing family, and she wanted to document their beloved home of thirty-six years.

Illustration-Marissa-Huber-House-Portrait-WatercolorThis Cincinnati home portrait was finished just in time for Father's Day.


Alright, I'm off to delay yet one more day of folding laundry (probably).