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Scenes From Our Days


This is my first attempt to blog from my phone in order to write more often! The weather in Philadelphia has been gorgeous. There's just a hint of crispness in the air, but you can still wear flip-flops with a long sleeved shirt. Driving with the windows down is a must in my opinion.Philadelphia-Navy-YardI'm taking advantage of the roof deck for lunch at my work. Our office moved from downtown to the Philadelphia Navy Yard. While I miss working downtown, I'm used to my new routine (although I do miss my bicycle commute). We are making the best use of this weather right now by going for strolls to the Philadelphia Free Library after work/daycare, meeting up with friends, and walking around our neighborhood.

The new Barnes museum has a wonderful outdoor area with gravel on the ground that makes me think I'm in Paris (if only for five minutes)!Philadelphia-Barnes-Museum-Gravel20130928-102925.jpgPhiladelphia-Free-Library-Parkway