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Winter 2015 Capsule Wardrobe


This is my second time doing the capsule wardrobe. I didn't have enough pants last season and ripped my only pair of jeans, so I did not worry out about following the capsule exactly. After all, one of my goals for doing a capsule wardrobe was to streamline my routine in the morning to eliminate undue stress from my day. To rectify the pants issue, my ever helpful and generous Mom bought me two pairs of corduroys and new jeans when I was home in Florida last November (thanks, Mom!). She also kept my rambunctious toddler occupied while I tried on clothes (thanks even more, Mom!) I had a hard time deciding what to wear this season. If I had my druthers I would have wanted to wear all black and white this season. I have been very inspired by these muted neutrals and a limited palette.  However I wanted to be realistic and use a lot of what I have, since I didn't want to purchase too many things.

I used as much black and white as I could and inserted wintry colors (eggplant and navy). Here's what I came up with.

IMG_0488IMG_0489IMG_0490IMG_0507-0IMG_0492IMG_0493I have been meaning to get a couple of sweaters and finally had the chance to shop and find something today (sans toddler). They were also both on sale - score! Since I knew exactly what I needed to round out my wardrobe, it was easy to target my search and not spend money on extraneous items. I also got a free lipstick at MAC with the "empties" I had used up. Good stuff!