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Invitation Illustrations for Brunch Wedding at Valley Green Inn


A good friend of mine is getting married this November. We met on the SEPTA 48 bus, back when we had the same commute years ago. We bonded over knitting, poppy red scarves, and she is just a beautiful person. I'm so happy that she has found such a special partner to share her life with. When they asked me to help them with their wedding invitations, I happily agreed, and knew this was one wedding present that would actually be on time! Marissa-Huber-Wedding-Illustration-Pen-InkThey're having a brunch wedding at The Valley Green Inn. This is on the Wissahickon in Philadelphia, and is a scenic area to hike, bike, or take your kids, and was so much fun to paint. I was tasked to create watercolor, pen and ink illustrations based on their brunch celebration.Illustration-Marissa-Huber-Valley-Green-Inn-Philadephia-InvitesI love drawing food. I think it's my favorite thing to draw, tied with NARS lipstick these days. Although I'm trying to not use pen & ink all of the time in my drawing these days, it's probably my signature style. It is so satisfying to fill it in with paint once you're finished (and the ink dries of course, lest it smear!)


I hope you had a good weekend, and were lucky enough to get a Mimosa like I did (thanks to an impromptu brunch with a favorite relative in town for a few hours). I'm still sad I didn't get any cake this weekend, but I'm sure I'll rectify that in the next few days.

Illustration-Marissa-Huber-Wedding-Invitation-WatercolorThese are off to the Graphic Designer who will work her magic next. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!