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Painting What I Broke & New Custom Painting Listings

I recently painted a treasured watch for a someone to honor her father's memory. I felt grateful that I could create something to help another person during a tough time. I thought the idea was so meaningful, and it made me want to paint something that belonged to my brother to celebrate his life.Someday I will paint my Andrew's treasured punk rock leather jacket that he painted on, sewed patches on, and studded all by hand. I love that jacket, and it makes me smile whenever I see it at my parents' house. It's heavy and has the weight of a hug from afar I like to thinkIMG_0961With all the Marie Kondo "tidying" I've been doing in my home, it's impossible to not think about meaning behind objects and why we choose to hold on to them or let them go. I thought this would also be a perfect way to either help someone remember or let go of an item that they loved but could no longer keep. Conversely, it could also be a painting of something that they loved that sparked joy! I don't know if Marie Kondo would like me trying to add more to people's homes, but if it makes them happy, who am I to stop them? Heck, it could be a painting of a pair of shoes that someone is pining over but will never be able to afford. The options are endless.When I was rushing around my house this past week in a hurry to get myself to work and my son to daycare, I broke a Lorena Barrazueta porcelain dish that I bought at Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn years ago. I was aggravated and a little upset, because I really liked it and always put my rings in it. However, with all the Minimalist articles I like to read (and having a toddler), I feel I'm more accepting of things that break these days. It was the perfect excuse to paint something of my own to remember, and then create a listing for others. IMG_0981First I tried to draw it from my head in a loose painting style, but I realized it didn't look right. So I found an old picture I had of it, and sketched it out in pencil on a new piece of paper.

IMG_0972I used the reference photo to see where the light was hitting it, and masked off the white areas and layered on some shadows.

IMG_0977Then I let everything dry, erased the pencil marks, and did a final pass to add more shadows and refine some of the highlights.I thought it turned out nicely, and am happy with the depth I captured in the upper right hand corner of the dish.


The lesson I learned is to try to get up earlier in the morning and not rush, and that sometimes our belongings have lived out their time with us. A friend told me of a Japanese art called Kintsugi, which repairs broken ceramics with gold or other metals. Instead of disguising the break, it highlights it as part of the items history. Isn't that fascinating?

I loved painting this, and created new listings in my Etsy Shop / Marissa Huber for 5"x7" commissions or 8"x10" commissions if anyone is interested!