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Indiana Art Show

Exactly ten years ago, I drove back to Indiana University to finish college after a summer interior design internship in Las Vegas. When I returned to my college job as a salesperson at Pygmalion's, (which is the most wonderful independent art store), I had no idea that I'd meet the guy I'd end up sharing my life with. Mike thought I was a customer, and me being a typical smart alec, quickly put him in his place. We became good friends, but he was not my type. You know how ridiculous 23 year old girls can be with who they think they like. I very quickly realized that cute, intelligent and sweet guys should really become my type, and before he knew it, he was stuck with me! (I kid).

We have kept in close touch with the art store owners, and our fellow coworkers, nicknamed "Pygs" who are scattered all over the country. This art store had the most creative, friendly, knowledgeable, and cool people as employees and customers. We knew our technical information, and loved learning about new techniques and supplies. We ranged from sculptors to painters to designers to paper artists. It was a gold starred time in my life. I learned to garden from the owner, Jane, by tending to the plants out front of the store when it was too nice to be cooped up inside. We learned to make books completely by hand from Sandra, another beloved employee. I became serious about my lifelong love with artist grade watercolors. We got to make robot costumes out of old boxes, handmade signs (see one of Mike's below), and play with the store cats, Matisse and Cassatt.

One of Mike's Old Signs

Well, this year, with a lot of hard work from present and former owners and employees, and sponsorship from the John Waldron Arts Center, Pygmalion's is having a 40 year anniversary art show featuring the works of their talented employees. The opening is tomorrow, August 3rd. I'm so disappointed that Mike and I were not able to be there for the opening and reunion barbeque, but instead we both sent a piece to be included in the show.

The beautiful still life on the left is one of my favorite's of Mike's paintings. I sent a cut paper and gouache collage I made during my color study project.

Mike + My Pieces for an Art Show

This piece makes me happy, and makes me remember smiling while riding my bike home on a gray day and seeing pops of this cheerful hue everywhere.

Paper Collage

Perfect piece to represent a gold starred time in my life for sure.

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