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Hawaiian Hand Quilting

I was invited to a Craft Lab event as part of a new exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It was one of those days that was about 107 degrees in Philly, so the lure of museum quality air conditioning and crafting was quite inviting. After sorting through options, I found a vintage Hawaiian pillow quilt kit that my mom gave me. I assumed it came from her University of Hawaii days in the 60's, but she said most likely it was from a garage sale in the last 20 years. Either way, I broke that bad boy out and started stitching. Hawaiian quilting is quite addicting, and is very easy to freehand. I like that it is symmetrical and geometric,  half modern and half old school.

Hawaiian Quilt Kit

I worked on it for 2 days straight, but have a lot more to do. I'm giving it to my mom as a belated birthday present. You can even stitch while watching your new favorite TV show, "The Newsroom" in bed. I hope to finish it soon, and am even taking it to knitting circle tonight.

Hawaiian Pillow Kit

Good thing I got my mom's vintage Singer sewing machine tuned up last week, so I can learn how to sew a zipper on and finish this before her next July.