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Pink, Purple + Wutang

I always thought I'd be one of those people who wait to find out the gender of their child, but Mike and I both decided we wanted to find out. Last week, we had the opportunity to see ultrasound shots showing a very active, healthy, and animated little boy! He was yawning, and it was caught on the scan looking like Edvard Munch's famous painting, "The Scream". If you know me, I have a reputation for making crazy faces in photographs, so it's only fitting that my future son will be as ridiculous with his facial expressions as me. One of the perks about finding out the gender from a designer / crafter standpoint is getting to go crazy with colors. Though I'm not a stickler when it comes to gender specific colors (us artists love all colors), I knew if it was a boy that I'd have to contain my magpie tendencies regarding hot-pink, purple, sparkles, sequins, and shiny things. (It's ironic that I'm also a tomboy, right?)

Perhaps my sub-conscious knew it was a boy, since I held off after drooling over these pinks, corals, and peach skeins of Koigu at knitting circle.

Pinks and Oranges at Rosie's. Want!!!

After rethinking my girly color palette, I was inspired by my friend Kate Gagnon Osborne, who I think has amazing taste, and an adorable little girl to boot.  She recently knit this adorable unisex Tiny Rocky Coast cardigan for her daughter, and I thought I would cast-on as well in another color.

It's only fitting that I cast-on with Fibre Company Canopy yarn that Kate (and Courtney Kelley) distribute. If you haven't used Fibre Company yarn, you may not want to start. Anything else will feel like scratchy plastic yarn next to the luxuriousness.

Swatching for Tiny Rocky Coast baby sweater

I would usually not make a baby sweater with such pretty yarn, but I figure the cute little Skeletor deserves a few nice things to start with. We can always wash it. Right?!

But just to even out the clothing wardrobe, we are loving the Wutang Clan onesie given to us from my cousin, Ryan. I think it will be a ton of fun to use a small baby as a billboard. (Insert a crazy Marissa facial expression of pure glee.)


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