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Packed + Shipped

My Etsy Shop has been open since October 1st and I've had the good fortune to sell five of my color study paintings! I've always loved wrapping presents, and it's been such a pleasure to wrap these packages nicely and ship them off across the country. I will say that my first and second sale were to a friend in Philly, so those were delivered by hand with two hugs.

Order packed and shipped out!

The painting inspired by Rainier Cherries at the Headhouse Row Farmer's Market in Philadelphia was sent to Baltimore to celebrate someone's birthday.

#33 Headhouse Cherries

Inspired by a hot pink and orange sunset, this painting was sent to a sweet friend in Louisville, Kentucky.

#28 Hot Pink + Orange Sunset

Two of my favorite colors, pink from fruit juice and purple from a cloth napkin, were done in ink, and shipped to Chicago.

#24 Fruit Punch   Cloth Napkin

The sales are going straight to my Rhineback Sheep and Wool trip fund this weekend! I'm traveling to upstate New York with four girlfriends to check out livestock, enjoy the Fall leaves, drink cider and meet up with some pals. I'm looking forward to it, and have fingers and legs crossed for no rain! I don't really need any yarn, but if I see a sheepskin I love, I may have to buy know, for the baby, right? It would be rude not to!