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Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival

I've always wanted to make the trek to upstate New York for the famous Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. It's been on my road trip to-do list for so long, that I decided to replace Siberian trans-continental train ride with easier-to-accomplish-attend Rhineback on my 102 Life List. (Crossed off!) I had the oppto attend last weekend with four of my Degenerate Knitting friends. What a treat!

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I was most looking forward to enjoying the scenery, the fall leaves, a peek of the Hudson River Valley, eating some good food, and hanging with friends. I didn't even need to get any yarn. The only thing I wanted to buy this year was (avert your eyes, my vegetarian friends), was a sheepskin, and some type of apple treat.

Early Saturday morning, I found my sheepskin from the local and family-owned Weston Farm. Their cute and friendly son, and namesake for the farm hand selected my sheepskin for me. Right before I bought it, there was the cutest two year old girl laying upon piles of sheepskins a la Princess and the Pea in the largest display of bliss I've ever seen. That sold me immediately.

The weather was quite temperate, and I was very comfortable at 25 weeks pregnant with maternity leggings, flip flops, a t-shirt and my favorite (but somewhat snug now!) denim chambray shirt.

25 Weeks at Rhinebeck

Everyone was so lovely, and people just started conversations with you wherever you were sitting, eating, or lined up. Natalie, (my talented friend who spins gorgeous yarn) and I met a hilarious Canadian mother and daughter, while I kept her company in an hour long line to buy fleece. It was like Disney World, but nobody was mean or cranky.

I shared an apple pie a la mode with Robin, and brought a caramel apple home for dessert. My budget was in line, so I treated myself to one skein of Creatively Dyed Yarns, since I cannot pass up her unique skills and colors that match an explosion of the universe.

Creatively Dyed Yarns - Adelaide

On the way back to our hotel, Robin, our photographer of the bunch, really wanted to snap some photos of the Hudson River Valley. We were near a Vanderbilt Mansion, so enjoyed an impromptu stroll on the estate before sunset. I thought it was neat to see this historic setting that inspired the Hudson River School Painters.

Vanderbilt Property on Hudson River

Being the driver, with as much fun as we had, it is always good to be home again and relax after an action packed weekend. I also just wanted to test out my new sheepskin and see how comfortable it would be in it's new home!

Sheepskin from Rhinebeck NY in it's new home!

Mike is already trying to steal it...