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Turning 34 + Thanksgiving

My birthday is usually the week before Thanksgiving, but this year Turkey Day was a bit early, so it all fell into one big blur. This was a happy blur, since my parents came up North so we could all celebrate Thanksgiving in New Jersey with our extended family. Turning 34 was relaxing and uneventful in a good way! I'm happy to get another year on this planet, and think this year is going to be one of the more memorable, hectic and exciting ones, since I'll become a parent.

Our family had a fantastic time together, and I was so sad to see my parents leave after 5 days together. Maybe one day we can live closer to each other again. Or they can become reverse snowbirds!

Cousins! Apple Pie Making

I helped with the desserts this year. My cousin Meghan and I baked an apple pie, with a fancy top featuring an "H" for Huber and hockey sticks, since my cousin plays and most of the family is obsessed! It was a big hit. My younger cousin, Tommy and I also baked two perfect pumpkin pies, but I probably shouldn't spill his secret, since it's not "very manly"!

Apple Pie with H for Huber and Hockey Sticks

My aunt and uncle treated everyone to a charity hockey game called Operation Hat Trick, which raised over $500K to benefit those affected by Hurricane Sandy. A combination of the hockey lock-out, a charity event, and famous NHL hockey players on hand, it was the first time the Atlantic City Convention Center sold out since the 1930s.

Operation Hat Trick Charity Hockey Game

Our family loves to play board games and card games. Hours were spent at the table playing Canasta, Jitters, Backgammon, Banana-grams, Cards Against Humanity, and doing a lot of smack talking. It was all in good fun, but now I'm having Canasta withdrawal sadly!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday as well, and I think we're all on the same wavelength wondering how it is already December! How did this  happen?!

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