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Wenlan Chia's Lacy Chunky Throw


Earlier this summer, I used my pending baby as an excuse to finally knit Wenlan Chia's Lacy Chunky Throw. blanket 007I was pleased that the 5 (free) skeins that I won in a drawing contest from Heather Ross (among other goodies) was enough to make a good-sized lap blanket. This would be great to throw on a bed later for added warmth. However, I think there are too many holes and the fiber is too fuzzy for a baby. I could barely get by without getting fiber in my own mouth, so figure it would be worse for a little guy!

blanket 009Overall, I liked the pattern and think it looks lovely (once I corrected my mistakes). I'm glad it's done though, as I did not enjoy knitting on huge baseball bat-sized needles!

blanket 011Besides all my complaints above though, it feels and looks like buttah, I tell you.

blanket 010