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Sketches and Clothes and Chicken Scratch


I had some fun today mentally recalling what I put together clothes wise for the past ten days trying to only use items in my capsule wardrobe. I felt like sketching... IMG_0240-0.PNGIMG_0239.PNG

IMG_0238-0.PNGDays 7 and 8 were my favorite days, since I wore a new silk scarf that a friend gave to me, and a gorgeous 100 inch strand of pearls my mom gave me one Christmas. The pearls looked especially nice against the black blouse I wore.

IMG_0237-0.PNGIMG_0236-0 I'm still working through my capsule, and I already replaced a few things, but so far it's making my morning wardrobe decisions much easier. It's also encouraging me to work with the accessories I have but never end up wearing!