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Fall Fashion Capsule Wardrobe


I heard about capsule wardrobes for the first time from Caroline at Un-Fancy. As someone who flirts with the idea of minimalism, wants to be more efficient in the morning (getting out of the house for work & daycare) and is looking to eliminate daily choice overload, I was hooked! IMG_0187-0.JPG

The idea is that you select a specific amount of items of clothing, accessories and shoes for the season and pack what you won't be using until the next season. Dependent upon what "rules" you follow, accessories and shoes may or may not count. I'll likely count my shoes (forgot to draw my blue suede boots) and be unlimited with my jewelry to switch things up.

Basically, it's a strategic plan for your wardrobe, so that it is edited, cohesive, and items will work well with each other. As an artist and designer, I love having limits, it helps me be more creative and forces me to use what I have. I also am more mindful of the great items that I do have.

IMG_0227.PNGIt was great timing since Fall has just arrived. After reading a ton of posts on Un-Fancy, I also checked out Project 333 , which was also helpful (and binge worthy). I packed up clothes, put items in the donate pile, and a mend pile.

IMG_0184-0.JPGI went to my sketchbook to figure out my 33 or 37 (still a little undecided) pieces for the next three months. It sounds like such a small number, until you start writing it down, or in my case, drawing it out.

IMG_0182-0.JPGIMG_0183-0.JPGThis is my preliminary Fall 2014 capsule. I think I'll buy a white tee shirt, and maybe a green military trench if I find a good deal, but I think I'm good! Side note, I love the drawing app Paper by 53, it is so much fun, though nothing will ever replace old fashioned paper, pencils and paint!

IMG_0223.PNGI'm one step closer to having a jumpsuit uniform!

P.S. Look at my sweet little boy drawing too! Sigh, for cuteness...