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Color Study Paintings

I started a color study project in February 2010.  Mike gave me the idea when I mentioned that I wanted to start oil painting but didn't know where to start.  He suggested I start small with color studies to practice mixing color and seeing how things work against each other.  The idea stayed in my head for a few months until the sunlight on a day in February was so pretty that I was compelled to start the project. I must also mention one of my favorite blog friends, Susan Lutjen O'Connor of Sulu-Design.  Her Original Intent Series is always inspiring with the photographs she translates into her beautiful jewelry.

Too many options can be paralyzing, so I set up some loose limitations on myself:

I can use any medium or technique, but can only paint colors that I've seen on that day.

If I am lazy and wait until the next day, too bad!

The format is always vertical and measures 5" x 7" on watercolor or canvas board.

My goal is to finish 100 by December 31, 2011.  Here are paintings #1 - #42.  You can click on the links to see them larger and see the descriptions.  The entire set is on my Flickr account here.

#1 Sunshine Through Begonias       #2 Green, Gray + Denim       #3 First Sign of Spring

#4 Spring Fake Out         #5 Slate Stones on Church       #6 Peacock Blue Trench Coat

#7 Shoshanna Nailpolish       #8 Chartreuse + Indigo       #9 Raspberry Jam Jar

#10 Blue Sky after Days of Gray        #11 Study in Gray + Brown       #12 California Navel Oranges

#13 Blue Buildings in West Philly        #14 Shrimps        #15 Golden Tree in Rittenhouse

#16 Spring Blooms       #17 Studies in Lilac       #18 Yellow Everwhere on a Gray Day

#22 Very Blue Sky, Big Clouds       #20 Window Box on Locust       #21 Night Sky on Girard

#21 Summer Sunset       #22 Montserrat Orange       #24 Fruit Punch + Cloth Napkin

#25 Lovely Elderly Couple Walking       #26 Whole Wheat Bread + Sunflower Seeds       #27 Andrew

#28 Hot Pink + Orange Sunset       #29 Construction at Barnes Museum       #30 Layers of Violet Sky

#31 Schnabel High Rise + Violet Blue Ladder       #32 Elle Decor on 48 Bus Home       #33 Headhouse Cherries

#34 Shampoo Violets       #35 Orange + Blue       #36 Turquoise Front Door

#37 Light Through Xmas Cactus         #38 Spray Paint on Street        #39 Construction on Arch

Roses on 27th Street          Autumn Run on Kelly Drive

#42 Indigo, Blue + Violet            #43 Walk with the Sauers

So far I'm really enjoying this project.  It makes me notice my surroundings more, and try to think of different color combinations and palettes that I usually don't gravitate towards.

I plan on ending this at the end of this year, but may do it again from time to time.